Maria Antònia Garcías speaking on Friday. | @ConselldeMca


The Council of Majorca''s councillor for territory, Maria Antònia Garcías, expects the PIAT plan for intervention in tourist areas to be definitively approved at the plenary session next month.

The PIAT document, she says, represents a "genuine, solid and legally robust" basis for creating a balance in Majorca between the organisation of tourism activity, containment, the landscape and sustainability. PIAT was initially approved in February 2019, and the document to now be voted on does not contain any major changes. It has taken account of the Balearic Environment Commission's requirement for the containment of growth and territorial balance when it comes to tourism activity.

Under PIAT, the Council will maintain the maximum number of tourist accommodation places at 430,000 - a figure that is due to come down over the years through the process of non-renewal. (This 430,000 is for all types of accommodation.)

Although by no means dealing exclusively with holiday rental accommodation, it is this for which PIAT has become best known, as the zoning for accommodation and classifications of zones (saturated or not saturated) are contained in the plan.