Foreign passengers checked at Palma Airport. | CAIB


Healthcare Professionals have monitored more than 2,200 International passengers arriving in the Balearic Islands to take part in the Pilot Plan from June 15-24.

All of the passengers were from the German cities of Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hanover and Munich, according to the Government Delegation.

Anna Calvo chaired a Government Delegate meeting on Friday to evaluate the Pilot Plan controls implemented by Health Professionals and State Security Forces and Corps in the Balearic Islands.

The Secretary General of the Government Delegation, Ramon Morey; the Superior Head of the National Police in the Balearics, Gonzalo Espino; the Lieutenant Colonel of the Guardia Civil, Antonio Orantos; the Director of Foreign Health, Raúl Izquierdo; the Director General of Tourism, Rosana Morillo; the General Director of Ib-Salut, Juli Fuster, and the General Secretary of the Ministry of Mobility & Housing, Francesc Ramis also attended the meeting.

Health Technicians installed thermographic cameras to take passengers’ temperatures as they arrived at Palma airport and travellers were also obliged to complete two questionnaires.

There were two days when the number of foreign passengers checked by Healthcare Professionals was very high. 599 people were checked on June 18 and 562 on June 22.

The National Police carried out documentation checks at Balearic airports and collaborated with the Guardia Civil to ensure the safety of tourists and foreign residents taking part in the Pilot Plan.

The Health Controls and devices activated by the State Security Forces and Corps were assessed at Friday’s meeting and the good coordination between the different Administrations was highlighted and the work of all staff was commended.

So far, the controls have operated without incident in the archipelago and will serve as a basis for the next challenge which begins on July 1.