Scenes in Ciutadella last week have sparked fears that they will be repeated elsewhere.

23-06-2020Josep Bagur Gomila

Maria Antònia Font, the director-general of public health in the Balearics, views "with fear and concern" gatherings of young people for street 'botellons' and at fiesta time. "Young people feel that they are not vulnerable, and we are concerned that they are not assuming their responsibility. We know that people are contagious once symptoms appear and in days before this. Then there are those who are asymptomatic as well. We are all susceptible to being infected or to infecting others."

After the months of confinement, with the arrival of summer and the end of term, social gatherings can be anticipated, but Font insists that there needs to be increased police intervention and that members of the public report situations which constitute health risks.

On Thursday last week, the ministers for public administration and health, Isabel Castro and Patricia Gómez, met representatives of the Felib federation of town halls in order to discuss coordination and security to prevent large gatherings. "We must prevent them and we must be vigilant," says the Felib president, Antoni Salas. "The Moors and Christians, the Muc de Sineu; these are hotspots", even though neither will be taking place. But cancellation did not prevent the scenes in Ciutadella for the Sant Joan Fiestas last week.

Salas adds that it isn't just the fiestas. For Sant Joan in Palma, "the beaches were very well controlled, but then we saw the 'macro-botellon' alternatives". This is why local police presence is vital and, where necessary, reinforcements from the state security forces. Salas points to small municipalities such as Banyalbufar or Estellencs which lack police numbers, "so we will have to request reinforcements from the Guardia Civil or the National Police".

The national government delegate, Aina Calvo, says that it is necessary to "avoid these concentrations". "The state of alarm may be over but we remain on alert". She has appealed to young people "to maintain self-control and avoid crowds" and has stressed that the police and security forces will act. "When you are young, you think you are immortal. You think that this doesn't affect you, but the risk exists."


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Dear Zoe, there is no pandemic. As the amount of people actually directly dying of Covid-19 is much, much lower than the death rates presented to us as being death. Y Covid-19. And this is the big lie. I am not making this up as I go along, this is real figures. Your buddies in London, maybe were obese, had heart problems, or whatever other underlying issues. I am following a court case in the Netherlands. The Netherlands have 6.200 recorded deaths "from Covid-19". The actual number of people that actually died of covid-19 and no other 82. The rest is all collateral damage. A lot of these people probably would have died of a stiff flu too. That is the big lie.


Zoe / Hace about 1 year

So Mark Badoer Believes it is all a lie, and government on purpose is wrecking their own economies? Right? Well I do not believe you know of anyone who was afflicted with this virus. I know of 4 of my Son’s friend in London (all aged 30-45), one died, one ended up in ICU for over a week, two recovered at home. All you have to do is to compare countries, look at Vietnam, they went into lock-down before their first case was reported, look at Europe. Compare Sweden to Norway . I was never in agreement with total lockdown, as the mental stress is caused specially for kids and teen agers was worse than the virus, but I can never deny that this is a killer virus which we do not know much about and are working in the dark. Look at the number of cases surging in those States in USA who relaxed too soon. Yes there are different medical opinion and no one is sure, but does that mean we throw caution to the wind? Young people has to be made aware of risks to themselves and others, if not well they have to be penalised. We do not tolerate drunk/reckless driving , or any other behaviour who put others at risk so why this one? Young people should be reminded we could be put under lock down again, so we all have to be careful.


Juan love / Hace about 1 year

And you claim others have no brains?


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

It just proves yet again, politicians have no brains. Who in his right might would ever assume youngsters are going to obey any of these idiotic rules, like keeping 1,5 metres "social distance" and believing there is a pandemic, which has been proven, has been a total lie all along. There is no pandemic, but has been made one, statisically. Finally specialiasts are willing to speak up, with the risk of being slated and mulled by the media. As nothing better than sensation reporting. The truth sucks and is boring. This social distancing nonsense has to stop, as it causes much more damage than this whole coronoa flu. And if u still think this is a pandemic, good luck with it. Stay scared and obey your all knowing leaders.