Molinar coordinates UVAC, Majorca. | Ultima Hora


79 of the 86 Basic Health Units or UBS in Majorca reopen on Wednesday after three and a half months of being completely closed or only providing an Administrative service.

Healthcare Professionals who were relocated are ready to get back to work as soon as the necessary restructuring is in place to separate respiratory patients from the others.

"The epidemiological situation now is different, with fewer cases, and by making first contact via telephone we’ll be able to arrange consultations before people come, so that patients and professionals are better protected," said Marga Servera, Deputy Director of Primary Care.

Doctors in the Balearic Islands are around 58 years old, on average, so the most vulnerable from the Basic Units "have been relocated to Telephone Consultations or the Coordination Centre."

Molinar will continue to be the Central Unit, sa Indioteria will unify the Covid-express units and collect samples for diagnosis, but the General Hospital won’t open because it’s still under construction.

Escorca, Moscari, S'Illot and Biniamar will remain closed because demand is very low, but Servera says the situation is being monitored and as soon as demand increases, she will consider reopening them.

“The situation at each Basic Health Unit has been evaluated and the delays reported by some Mayors occurred because Occupational Health had to sanction the relocation of Professionals, once it was clear how the pandemic was evolving in the Islands,” she said, “and also because the internal reorganisation of Primary Care "has been complicated.”