Spanish Tarjeta de Residencia. archive photo. | Registro de Estranjero, Madrid


The British Embassy in Madrid is trying to ease concerns over the apparent confusion surrounding Residence Certificates after some offices postponed appointments.

New foreign identification cards are being issued for legal holders of Resident Permits and Green Cards and the Embassy has reiterated what Ambassador Hugh Elliot told the Majorca Daily Bulletin last month.

“The Spanish Government is introducing a new Residency Document for UK nationals who are protected by the Withdrawal Agreement, the Tarjeta de Edentidad de Extranjero or TIE.”

“We understand that this will be introduced shortly and instructions will be issued to Local Authorities in the next few days. This will mean a revised appointments process for UK nationals. We expect details to be published on and we will share this information as soon as we have it.”

“We also understand that in some areas there may be a gap of about a week between the current system and the introduction of the new one, where no appointments will be available.”

This change in the system does not affect your overall rights in any way.

“The green A4 certificate, the green credit card-sized version and the TIE are all equally valid in demonstrating your rights as a beneficiary of the Withdrawal Agreement, even after the end of the Transition Period.”

“You may choose to exchange your current certificate for a TIE in due course, but it is not obligatory.”

We will bring you more information on this story as soon as it is available.