Passengers arriving at Palma Airport. | Youtube: Ultima Hora


There was chaos at Palma Airport on Wednesday as several National and International flights arrived at the same time.

Passengers from Madrid and Asturias mixed with hundreds of tourists from EU countries in the arrivals hall and according to one witness, AENA staff forced Domestic passengers to pass through the same area as people from abroad who were handing in their Health Declaration forms, which caused long queues.

"There were only two people to collect the sheets from hundreds of crowded passengers," they said.

"It is fatal," said another passenger who claimed the details of people handing in their medical paperwork were not being verified.

"There is no control over who comes and who goes, it all depends on the good faith of the people," said one traveller.

Passengers are calling for stricter controls at the Airport, saying "Our health is at stake."

AENA admits that when passengers hand in medical paperwork that hasn't been completed properly, it can cause delays and congestion.