Experts are preparing for a second wave of Covid-19. | Reuters

The Balearic Islands is already working towards the possibility that there could be a resurgence of Covid-19 within a few months.

Dr Javier Arranz, Spokesperson for the Autonomous Committee of Infectious Diseases, told IB3 Ràdio’s Al Día programme on Friday that the three outbreaks of coronavirus recently detected in the Balearics are "within the level expected” and that although "the circumstances could change overnight" at the moment the incidence of infection is low.

He explained that attempts are being made to detect people with symptoms as soon as possible in order to cut off transmission, but said that everything depends on the population following the recommendations and pointed out that asymptomatic people can transmit the virus.

Dr Arranz confirmed that some of the outbreaks detected were amongst Balearic residents returning from abroad, not from tourists.

He confirmed again that the Balearic Islands are already working on a response to a possible rise in infections within months and admitted that it’s "quite difficult" for the virus to just disappear on its own.

Since the end of the State of Emergency there have been two outbreaks in Majorca, one in Palma and one in Inca and a third in Ibiza.