Government again refuses to allow club and discos to open | Pedro Quiros


The Government has once again refused to allow big clubs and discos in the Balearic Islands to open, despite multiple appeals from the Sector and the fact that places like Madrid, which were affected much worse by coronavirus, have already lifted nightlife restrictions.

Pilar Costa, Balearic Executive Spokesperson

On Friday, the spokesperson for the Balearic Executive, Pilar Costa, was asked about the ban on clubs and discos opening, which has affected thousands of workers in the Islands.

“The stoppage of nightlife in the Balearic Islands is a provisional and transitory regulation that will undergo variations", she said and confirmed that "in the short term there are no plans to change the decision, saying it's important "to address a balance between preserving the health of citizens and economic recovery.”

"We hold citizens accountable, it is up to all of us to make sure that the path towards normality comes to fruition," said Costa, who pointed out that "the measures may, or may not be modified as the pandemic evolves."

With clubs and discos closed an increasing number of illegal parties are taking place in various parts of the archipelago, with no social distancing or health and safety measures in place to prevent contagion.

"Any activity against legality must be prosecuted, with consequences for people who violate it,” said Costa, “but in this particular case, we are not just talking about the violation of a rule we are talking about endangering people's health."