Spaniards are opting for staycations this year. | M. À. Cañellas


Spain’s domestic tourism market is booming and last minute travel reservations by Spaniards have increased by nearly 40% in recent weeks, according to a study by TravelgateX.

Seven out of every ten bookings in Spain are made by Spaniards who appear to be opting for staycations this year because of the uncertainty generated by the coronavirus pandemic.

The average stay is longer too this summer at 4.42 nights, which is a year-on-year increase of 0.09 nights.

The Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands are amongst the ten Communities with the highest number of reservations and longest stay.

The highest average stay in the Balearic Islands is 6.28 nights, up 0.19 from last year. In the Canary Island the average stay is 5.55 nights, which is an increase of 0.25.

In general the average price per night, per room, or ADR, fell by 8.4% to 117 euros in the main destinations, compared to 2019.

72% of reservations in Spain in the last 14 days were made by Spanish nationals but the average length of stay dropped by 0.12 nights to 3.87 year-on-year.

The average stay for British tourists is 6.28 nights, which is an increase of 0.48.

Brits booking for 6.06 nights in the Balearic Islands, up 0.44 from last year and in the Canary Islands for 8.27 nights, up by 0.63 from 2019