Mandatory face masks bad for tourism? | Daniel Espinosa

The Hotel Federation of Ibiza & Formentera said on Friday that mandatory face masks are not good for Tourism.

Federation Manager, Manuel Sendino, acknowledged that the new health and safety measures "must be accepted all", but stressed that making face masks compulsory from Monday in the Balearic Islands "doesn't give the impression that the Balearic Islands are a safe destiniation.”

However he pointed out that, “It’s better to lose a few sales than to lose them all if there’s a resurgence in coronavirus infections and using a mask does prevent the proliferation of Covid-19 outbreaks, but these constant changes are causing a lot of uncertainty about the summer season.”

Sendino said he’s confident that International Tourists will keep coming to Ibiza and Formentera because they’re such attractive destinations,” but admitted that this year will not be easy.