German and English tourists party in Playa de Palma and Punta Ballena.

11-07-2020Youtube: Ultima Hora

German and English tourists lived up to their reputation for binge drinking and partying on Friday night and none of them were wearing face masks or remotely respecting social distancing in Playa de Palma or Punta Ballena.

Hundreds of Germans gathered on public roads, hugging, singing, dancing and sharing drinks in Playa de Palma.

In Magalluf, drunken English tourists jumped up and down on parked cars and swarmed into the streets of Punta Ballena, singing so loud they could be heard a kilometre away.

The National Police and Guardia Civil say they understand that people are concerned that crowds of irresponsible tourists could help spread the virus and cause public security problems.

Prostitutes and criminals reportedly appeared on the streets of Punta Ballena in the early hours of the morning on the lookout for drunk tourists and fights and thefts have already been reported.


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Anonymous / Hace about 1 year

It's thanks to fools like them that the tourist who behaves well has to deal with bitterness from the locals and most likely some new upcoming rules regarding the Covid-19 virus.


David holland / Hace about 1 year

As a Brit and a regular visitor to majorca as in 35 times in the last 20yrs I am saddened by what Magalluf has become. In the 80s and early 90s Holidayed at Magalluf and cala vines many times. Since that time I have holidayed in paguera, soller, but now exclusively at the calla Fornells a great place. I still consider Magalluf a great place as it keeps the neds away from me.


Chepas / Hace about 1 year

I agree with Stephen, the problem started years ago, really with the start of All Inclusive and drink your self stupid offers. Bring back the families, self catering and hotels NOT All Inclusive. If people of any age or nationality continue to break the law they should be fined and deported.


David sumner / Hace about 1 year

Heard Spanish voices and singing of non english songs. Prove this rabble are english.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

From the footage, I think the title should read: English Tourists live up their bad reputation. As every inhabitant of Mallorca knows it is mainly the Brits that cause havoc, fights and trouble.


Stephen / Hace about 1 year

What did they expect, they started several years ago by pushing out respectable tourists by blocking apartment rentals and encouraging cheap hotels in these resorts for youngsters alongside discounted booze. I've been going to Majorca since I was 17 with family and nearly 40 years later I've no intention to go back even after Covid-19. Madeira is cheaper, more scenic and certainly more encouraging of respectable tourism. Majorca is as good as finished.


Win Winwood / Hace about 1 year

Why were they not arrested? They should then be on the next plane home at their expense. While they get away with it they’ll just carry on. It’s quite simple if you behave like that you’re sent home and never allowed back


Simonch / Hace about 1 year

Did you mean British?