German and English tourists party in Playa de Palma and Punta Ballena. | Youtube: Ultima Hora


German and English tourists lived up to their reputation for binge drinking and partying on Friday night and none of them were wearing face masks or remotely respecting social distancing in Playa de Palma or Punta Ballena.

Hundreds of Germans gathered on public roads, hugging, singing, dancing and sharing drinks in Playa de Palma.

In Magalluf, drunken English tourists jumped up and down on parked cars and swarmed into the streets of Punta Ballena, singing so loud they could be heard a kilometre away.

The National Police and Guardia Civil say they understand that people are concerned that crowds of irresponsible tourists could help spread the virus and cause public security problems.

Prostitutes and criminals reportedly appeared on the streets of Punta Ballena in the early hours of the morning on the lookout for drunk tourists and fights and thefts have already been reported.