30,610 people were unemployed in Palma in June. | Pere Bota


30,610 people were unemployed in Palma in June, which is a year-on-year increase of 5.72%, according to the Labour Market Report published on Monday by PalmaActiva.

Palma City Council explained that there was no change in unemployment between May and June due to the temporary employment regulation, or ERTE.

The figures confirm that all Economic Sectors in the Balearic capital have been affected by the coronavirus health crisis and its socio-economic consequences.

The number of unemployed under the age of 29 decreased by 2% compared to May and those over the age of 45 increased by 1%.

Compared to June 2019, the number of young people out of work has increased by 140% and the number of over 45's unemployed is up by 39%.

There was a drop of 24.67% in those unemployed for less than three months in Palma, but long-term unemployment increased by 4.65%.

A decrease in unemployment was noted in all Sectors, but in the Agricultural Sector an extra 10.07% of staff lost their jobs.

Year-on-year the Hotel Sector in Palma suffered the most with a 128% increase in unemployment, followed by Trade where the number of people out of work increased by 71%.

5,654 Temporary Contracts and 1,261 Indefinite Contracts were issued in June.