Dr Fernando Simón, Director, Centre for Coordination of Health Alerts & Emergencies | Luca Piergiovanni


The Director of the Health Alerts & Emergencies Coordination Centre, has warned that the 120 active outbreaks in Spain are evidence that coronavirus is still circulating.

Dr Fernando Simón said that 70% of new cases are asymptomatic and that the virus is affecting people younger than those who tested positive at the peak of the pandemic, which he believes shows that those currently being infected in Spain are contracting a milder version of Covid-19.

The average age of men diagnosed with Covid-19 is 46.3 and in women it’s 50.5.

"The largest increases we are seeing affect those under the age of 50, including those under zero to four. These groups are also usually the ones who suffer the least from the disease, so the epidemic is different than before,” stressed Dr Simón, who warned that this implies that the virus also affects the most vulnerable groups.

He appealed to young people to be aware that the so-called new normal does not mean going back to the way things were before.

"You have to be careful about socialising with an excessive number of different groups, and learn to better value your closest friends," he said.

Dr Simón has also pointed out that the 'new normal' includes the need to control coronavirus outbreaks before widespread transmission occurs and that means that movement may be restricted at specific times, in specific areas.

Right now, there’s an increase in Covid-19 infections in 15 Provinces in Spain, but they are in relatively small populations.

"These communities are detecting, acting and controlling outbreaks much more thoroughly than before, which has an impact on the rate of infection," said Dr Simón.