Hotel Expansion reduced to 10% in Majorca. archive photo. | Jaume Morey


Left-wing parties have agreed on an amendment to the controversial Decree Law of Urgent Measures for the Economic Reactivation of the Balearic Government, to reduce the maximum expansion of hotels from 15 to 10%.

The text gives Councils the power to raise or lower the percentage and in Majorca the decision is in the hands of Minister of Economic Model, Tourism & Work Councillor, Iago Negueruela.

It is one of the most controversial measures included in the Decree and the modification is being made at the request of Podemos. The parties have been negotiating possible modifications for several weeks to secure the support of Més per Minorca and this reduction helped them reach an agreement.

The Decree Law was approved by the Consell but Més per Minorca forced it to be processed with the possibility of incorporating modifications.

Left-wing parties had already indicated that their preferred partner to negotiate the text was Més per Minorca in order to prevent the text from becoming a new ‘Frankenstein law’ after it passed through Parliament.