Government threatens to shut down tourist hotspots.

Government threatens to shut down tourist hotspots.

14-07-2020Ultima Hora

The Government wants to stamp down excessive behaviour in Balearic nightclubs by shutting down Punta Ballena in Magalluf, Calle Ramón Nonato in Playa de Palma and Sant Antoni de Portmany in Ibiza.

Iago Negueruela, Minister for Economic Model, Tourism & Labor Minister, and Isabel Castro, Minister for Public Administration & Modernisation met with representatives of the Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca, or FEHM, the Hotel Chains Group, CCOO and UGT Unions and Rosana Morillo, Director General of Tourism on Tuesday to analyse the current state of the Tourism Sector.

Minister Negueruela made it clear at the end of the meeting that "the image of the Balearic Islands in emitting markets will not be put at risk" and vowed that the restrictions already approved will be toughened, and others put in place, to avoid a repeat of the images from last weekend of people partying with a blatant disregard for the coronavirus health and safety protocols in Majora.

He also warned that premises that persist in allowing excessive behaviour could be closed for three years, even if they change ownership.

He did not confirm whether these measures would lead to the closure of the zones in question or just a tightening of Police controls, but he did say that the Government is considering all possibilities.

He also pointed out that new restrictions may be added as a direct result of some people breaching the regulations last weekend for which they could be be fined up to 600,000 euros.

"This is a clear message, not only for the establishments that are not complying with the rules, but also for the tourists who believe that they can get away with that type of behaviour," said Minister Negueruela.

We will do everything necessary to make sure that this does not happen because the health and safety of our citizens and the economic situation of our workers is paramount,” he said.

Minister Negueruela says he is maintaining contact with the main tourist issuing markets, to promote the Balearic Islands as a safe destination and to warn operators that they cannot sell certain types of leisure packages.

He also called on the Central Government to activate the Security Reinforcement Plans which normally operates in tourist areas at this time of year, telling the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez "we must increase the number of troops.”


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Steve Kane / Hace about 1 year

The BRIT & GERMAN LOUTS that are causing all the problems should be sent right back to the Airport to be sent home at once, they should also have their passports put on a blacklist for at least 2 years, The clubs that are allowing this to go on should be closed down for the same time then perhaps they will get the message that the Island does not want this sort of Tourist.


Son Fe Mick / Hace about 1 year

Closing the barn door after the drunks have got out! The scenes have been all over the UK media. A complete disaster! The worst PR the island could get and predictable. All the hard work and sacrifice that the islands workers have made and now this. Some very serious action needs taking today