Rosana Morillo, General Director of Tourism in the Balearic Islands

Rosana Morillo, General Director of Tourism in the Balearic Islands

15-07-2020Wendy Wighton Urquhart

A clamp down on the most famous party hot spots in Majorca was expected after videos of hundreds of tourists partying hard, jumping on cars and drinking out of the same glass hit social media websites at the weekend.

But few would probably have visualised the strict measures that have been imposed which don’t just penalise the tourists they also stop bar, restaurant and shop owners in the area making money.

Wendy Urquhart spoke to Rosana Morillo, General Secretary of Tourism in the Balearics on Wednesday and began by asking her to outline the new restrictions.


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Zoe / Hace about 1 year

This is so sad for business but the right thing to do. Maybe this will attract more families to the island. After all these kind of behaviour generally is attributed to younger people with no kids.


Mick / Hace about 1 year

Tourists that break the law and endanger others should be put on the first plane back home. A simple but effective deterrant that would not penalise the innocent.


Steve Kane / Hace about 1 year

Not only should they be shut down till the end of the season, but the police should also have taken the identity of every single one of the louts both Brits AND Germans and they should have been put on a black list from entering the Issland for 3 years.


Phil / Hace about 1 year

Tim is totally right. It embarrassed British expats here that low rent filth in Magaluf sullies our name. Close Magaluf for good.


Tim / Hace about 1 year

I am sorry to say, but this is the right thing to do , to protect us all for another lock down and covid. The tourist have made there bed and are now going to have to lay in it.