Information about speed cameras in Majorca. | Ultima Hora


The Traffic Directorate has made public the locations of radar speed cameras. In Majorca, there are fourteen fixed and eighteen mobile radars. The MA-13, Palma-Sa Pobla motorway, has three fixed and one mobile. Along the MA-19 (Palma-Llucmajor), there are three - two fixed and one mobile. The MA-11 Palma to Soller has two mobile radars.

The official list indicates the roads, the location (in terms of kilometre distance) of fixed cameras and in which direction (many of them are in both directions).

Speaking about this summer's campaign to control speed on Spain's roads, the director-general for traffic, Pere Navarro, says that is all about avoiding accidents caused by speeding. "It is essential to respect speed limits in order to reduce fatalities on roads." He notes that other devices are being used, such as drones, which are very effective because they are difficult to detect.

Mini radars using tablets and laptops and Velolasers are other devices. The Velolasers cannot be picked up by radar detectors (which are illegal), have a battery life of around five hours, and can control vehicles doing speeds of up to 250 kph. Each one has cost some 15,000 euros.

Nationwide, the summer campaign will use 1,392 radars, twelve helicopters, eleven drones and fifteen disguised vans.