Baggage Handlers threaten strike action. | Ultima Hora


Baggage handlers are taking indefinite strike action in protest against unacceptable working conditions, according to the Independent Union of Workers and Employees of the Balearic Islands, or SITEIB.

They claim that there's not enough staff to provide the service, that the luggage carts are scattered all over the airport and that they're not being disinfected each time they're used.

The Union has called for a strike on July 31 and every Friday, Saturday and Sunday after that to demonstrate against what they call the unsustainable situation at Interserve Contract Services SA, which provides the luggage service.

SITEIB Representatives claim that only 20% of its workers have rejoined the ERTE.

The number of staff is totally insufficient to carry out the service properly and the company prefers to continue having the workers in ERTE than provide the necessary service,” claim Union Representatives.

They also complained that there are almost no anchor points for luggage carts, saying “they're scattered all over the airport without anyone disinfecting them and are a potential source of transmission of Covid-19,” and insist that "workers have not been provided with the resources to disinfect the carts.”

The Union also criticised Aena for “putting workers in such a situation of helplessness and allowing luggage carts to be used without being disinfected."