Fines for not wearing a face mask will be issued from Monday.

Fines for not wearing a face mask will be issued from Monday.

16-07-2020P. Pellicer

From this Monday, July 20, Local Police in the Balearic Islands will issue fines of €25, €50 or €100, for not wearing a face mask and the amount will depend on the circumstances.

Police will have to file a report about each incident which will include the person’s name, address and DNI or NIE number, the location of the breach and the number of people affected.Officers must also detail the response given by the affected party, whether they hesitated or refused to put on a face mask and if there is evidence of a previous refusal to comply.

The Government has published performance and interpretation criteria that the Police must follow when they process complaints for non-compliance with the obligation to wear a face mask.


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Nicky Grimston / Hace about 1 year

I live in Sa Coma. Very quiet here. Whilst walking my dog wearing my mask, have noticed obvious tourists walking in the street without masks. Streets very quiet no-one around. Should they still wear masks? After-all, it is the new regulation.