Former chief of Calvia police, José Antonio Navarro. | Michel's - Archive


Six years after the arrest of leading police officers suspected of corruption, two former chiefs of police, José Antonio Navarro (Calvia) and Antonio Ledesma (Marratxi) are to face trial. Two other officers and two town hall officials will also go on trial. Navarro is accused of making threats, prohibited activities, bribery and abuse of power.

The anti-corruption prosecution service maintains that illegal "administrative services" were provided to nightlife venues in Calvia and that these amounted to coercion. Nightlife business owners had to pay for these services. Navarro was arrested in 2014 and spent a month in preventive detention. His arrest and that of Ledesma sparked off what became a far wider case once there were also investigations into police exams in Palma. What was a case into police corruption grew into the Cursach affair.