There aren't the same controls of passengers from other Spanish regions as for foreign travellers. | Teresa Ayuga


The health alert committee in the Balearics has held an urgent meeting because of the increase in coronavirus infections in Catalonia and also in Aragon.

It is expected that a request will be made to the Spanish government for controls of passengers arriving from the two regions. At present, there are controls for foreign travellers but not for people from other regions of Spain.

The view of the Balearic government is that it is unacceptable for travellers from regions with high rates of infection to enter without any type of test or control being carried out.

This represents a hardening in attitude on behalf of the government, which said late last week that it did not envisage adopting health controls for passengers from other regions "at the moment".

On Friday, as an example, there were twelve flights from Barcelona to Palma and two from Zaragoza.

The government is meanwhile increasing the number of Covid tracers to 400.