Indra's systems are in thirteen Spanish airports. |


Spanish information systems company Indra has the contract for passenger temperature control systems at the thirteen Spanish airports which generate the highest passenger numbers. These systems use thermographic cameras, and the three airports in the Balearics are among the thirteen.

One of Indra's specialities is automatic test equipment, and in the case of the airports' systems, these consist of fixed and mobile back-up cameras with thermographic sensors that do not require human intervention. The sensors create a reference point with a fixed temperature to ensure precision. The system recognises a person's face and distinguishes between areas that may be covered by a mask, a cap or something else in choosing the point where the temperature measurement can be taken correctly.

Indra is also supplying Passenger Flow solutions. These control the flow of passengers anywhere in an airport terminal. The use of Big Data and artificial intelligence help to manage interior spaces where crowds can gather, such as check-in queues. There is also prediction of passenger demand, which enables better management of operations, and a physical security information management platform for video surveillance and access control.