Proof of exemption from mask ruling required. | EFE


Anyone who’s exempt from wearing a face mask in the Balearic Islands must now carry a Health Status Declaration to prove it.

The Health Department has warned that those who sign the Health Status Declaration cannot go to meetings or to places where they might mix with people they don’t live with.

"Any person who completes and signs this declaration is responsible for the consequences derived from not complying with the security measures or from having declared inaccurate information about their state of health.”

To complete the Health Status Declaration logon to or follow this link into your browser.

Face masks have been compulsory in the Balearic Islands since July 13 and from Monday July 20 anyone caught without one can be fined up to €100.


Everyone over the age of 6 must wear a mask at all times on public roads, in open and enclosed spaces for public use and in public service areas.

Masks are compulsory at work, in both public and private firms, if social distancing of 1.5 metres cannot be guaranteed or when there is a possibility of contact with people who don’t live in the same home and social distancing is impossible.

At the entrances and exits to cultural and sports shows, the use of a mask is obligatory, except when eating or drinking.

Weddings are restricted to 250 people outdoors and 150 indoors and rehearsals and performances of choirs and bands are restricted to 30 people and everyone must wear a mask except for those playing wind instruments.

Passengers in a private car must wear masks unless they all live at the same address and it is compulsory for Taxi Drivers and all passengers to wear a mask.

Not Compulsory

It is not necessary to wear a face mask at the beach, at swimming pools, when playing sports or wind instruments or in the countryside and a mask will only be necessary on promenades next to the sea if there are a lot of people and social distancing is not possible.

It is not necessary to wear a face mask whilst eating or drinking at a restaurant or bar.

Those under 16 years of age don’t have to wear a mask when they’re participating in regular activities with a stable group of children, such as at summer schools or camps.