Playa de Palma Beach Concessionaire refusing to put out sunbeds & umbrellas. | Pere Bota


Citizen Participation & Home Affairs Councillor, Alberto Jarabo, has delivered an ultimatum to Mar de Mallorca, who manage the services of Playa de Palma, telling them to install the sunbeds and umbrellas immediately.

Councillor Jarabo would not elaborate on the consequences for the company if they don’t put the beach furniture out immediately.

"I do not want to put myself in that scenario, we have been patient, but the patience of the City Council has reached the limit and their time is up,” he said.

He added "I trust that Mar de Mallorca has everything in hand, otherwise they must bear the consequences."

Councillor Jarabo said that the City Council has already reached an agreement with Concessionaire companies at other beaches in the Municipality who have been given a one-year extension of the concession in compensation for losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Although Mar de Mallorca also knows that there will be an extension its excuse for not providing the service is that it wants a formal agreement, which doesn't seem like enough of an argument to us,” he said.

Last week Hoteliers accused Mar de Mallorca of holding tourists hostage over its negotiations with Cort.

"They are right," admitted Minister Jarabo, "Mar de Mallorca must stop holding tourists and lifeguards hostage and not providing the food that a Concessionaire is committed to delivering."

On several occasions he has appealed to "the responsibility of Mar de Mallorca to contribute to Palma and Majorca’s good image by providing adequate services on the beaches."

Minister Jarabo acknowledged that the company is fulfilling other contract services, such as cleaning, but pointed out that it’s almost the end of July and the sunbeds and umbrellas have still not been put on the beach.

Once they are installed the Concessionaire will have to rescue some of its workers from ERTE.