The Guardia Civil conducted searches of the Balearic Ports Authority's headquarters last Friday.


Joan Gual de Torrella, the president of the Balearic Ports Authority, who was arrested last week in connection with corruption allegations, does not intend to resign. Sources close to Gual are saying that he will offer "explanations" at a meeting of the ports authority's board on Wednesday but that he will not be offering his resignation.

Some members of the Balearic government are said to be hoping that Gual will "make a gesture" (i.e. resign) and so not leave it up to the government to decide his future. Més had initially been cautious in calling for him to go, but the party's executive is now asking for him to be dismissed. Podemos, who opposed his appointment in 2015, are also wanting him to be sacked. Only PSOE are currently defending him. He was appointed by President Armengol.

Biel Company, leader of the main opposition party, the Partido Popular, says that the PP has always insisted on the presumption of innocence. However, he believes that the image of the ports authority has been badly affected by the arrests of Gual and four other senior directors. Because of this, Company feels that it would be best if the entire leadership was removed and that new people, unaffected by the allegations, are brought in.

The decision, Company notes, is one for Armengol to make. "It was she who appointed him."