Calvia police, Guardia Civil and government inspectors have been checking on Covid compliance.

28-07-2020Ajuntament de Calvia

Over the weekend, an operation involving Calvia police, the Guardia Civil and government inspectors resulted in the opening of proceedings against thirteen establishments for breaches of Covid-19 measures.

These establishments were in various parts of Calvia - El Toro, Magalluf, Palmanova, Portals Nous and Santa Ponsa. In Magalluf, the police took action against an establishment on Punta Ballena which was open in defiance of the government's closure order. It could be liable to a fine of between 60,000 and 600,000 euros for a "most serious offence".

Four bars/restaurants were found not to be complying with health measures by, for example, not providing sanitiser gel. Five nightlife establishments in Santa Ponsa were reported for, among other things, not ensuring safe distancing and for not having staff with masks.

Another establishment in Magalluf was reported for being open after 2am. A tattoo parlour, also in Magalluf, was not observing Covid-19 health protection measures.

Over the past week, Calvia police has taken action against six drinking parties on beaches in Magalluf and Palmanova. There has been one case of "balconing", while three people have been arrested for drug dealing. Thirty-seven people have been reported for not wearing masks.

The police also assisted with the ejection of eight people from a Magalluf hotel who had been causing a nuisance and damage.


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Steve Kane / Hace about 1 year

Close them down and fine them the maximum again PROFITS BEFORE SAFETY


Bill / Hace about 1 year

And you complain about Boris imposing isolation for those returning from Spain? The law is blatantly being ignored. Then a Spanish health Official speaks the truth about being better if holiday makers stayed away. Now everyone is demanding his resignation on the same day that Madrid has imposed compulsory face masks.