Holger Pool costs 25 euros per person for 15 minutes | Swimmy.es

If you’re fed up with heading to the beach at the crack of dawn just to make sure you get a sunbed or don’t want to share your square of sand with strangers, listen up.

You can now rent your very own swimming pool in Majorca through the French App, swimmy.es, which has been dubbed the Airbnb of swimming pools.

Renting a private pool for the day has become increasingly popular since the end of the coronavirus lockdown and swimmy.es has already received about 60 reservations for the 7 pools on its books in Majorca.

Son Ametler pool offers sunbeds and a food service.

The Details

It’s really very simple, the owner registers the pool on the website for free, then customers pay to use it.

The pool owners are responsible for the health and safety of customers and although there are no specific health and safety or licensing regulations for private pools, the owners are instructed by the company to take extreme measures to make sure everything is spotless, according to Swimmy.es Spokesperson, Anaïs Ferrández.

Food services are offered at two of the seven pools available for rent in Majorca, whereas the rest offer just the use of the facilities.

The average rental price for a private pool in Majorca is 20 euros, per person, per day and customers pay more for extras such as meals, towels, sunbeds, tables and chairs.

Andrea's pool in Palma.