King Juan Carlos I & King Felipe VI | EFE


King Juan Carlos raised the possibility of constitutional immunity from prosecution in connection with an investigation into alleged financial irregularities but that was ruled out as legally unfeasible, according to El País newspaper.

During several days of 'negotiation' between the Palace, the former king and Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, decisions were made about when King Juan Carlos would leave the country, where he would go and when a public announcement would be made.

Pedro Sánchez did not reveal the content of the meetings at his weekly press conference, saying only that he had no knowledge of the former king’s whereabouts and that King Juan Carlos would be subjected to “the same justice as any Spaniard.”

The Prime Minister also justified the role of the monarchy saying "people are tried here, not institutions.”

Mr Sánchez was forced to clarify his reasons for keeping Unidas Podemos in the dark after they complained that they knew nothing about the negotiations between the Prime Minister and the Royal Family and accused the former king of fleeing justice.

“Matters between the Head of State and the Head of Government are discreet and confidential and they will remain in that sphere,” said Sánchez. “We respect the decision taken by the Royal household because it shows it is distancing itself from conduct that could potentially be qualified as irregular.”

Unconfirmed reports suggest King Juan Carlos is in the Dominican Republic.