Cala Gat beach is closed almost every day because of overcrowding. | Assumpta Bassa

Capdepera City Council has been forced to close Cala Gat beach several days a week because of overcrowding.

"Two Police patrols are monitoring all the beaches in the Municipality and when they reach capacity they are closed,” said Environment Councillor, Quico Martínez. “Cala Gat is full almost every day and the other beaches are very controlled thanks by the Police and up-to-date information is posted on social media networks.”

A QR code that’s been set up has proved to be a great success.

"Users can download the code and get information in four languages on each and every beach with a camera streaming the situation in real time,” he said. “It also details services and bars in the area, tells users if there are jellyfish, if a red flag has been raised and the temperature of the water.

Capdepera City Council has extended the Concessionaire’s contract to make sure that beach services are available throughout the summer season.