Health Professionals demonstrating over pay & conditions in 2012. | Pere Bota


The Unions have rejected the Regional Government’s decision to freeze the salaries of 34,000 officials and its refusal to apply the 2% increase already agreed for this year, some even warned that it could result in social conflict.

Workers' Commissions say they understand that the Autonomous Community will have to manage an enormous spending problem, but criticised the fact that the previous agreement has not been fulfilled and warned that this "may provoke demonstrations.”

The UGT pointed out that the Balearic Islands will be the only Autonomous Community that won’t apply the 2 percent pay rise which it described as “a wage cut.”

The UGT Rep said that he will raise demands at the sectoral tables and address which regional remuneration supplements should be cut, saying “the degree of conflict in public services will depend on what happens at the next meetings.”

The CSIF expressed its “deepest indignation” at the wage freeze, which it described as “a punishment to the workers who provided essential public services during the pandemic.”

“Let it be clear to Ms Armengol that this organisation will carry out all actions it deems necessary to prevent this type of attack and to restore everything that is going to be taken from the officials,” said the CSIF President.

STEI Intersindical railed against the "null negotiating will" of the Government and warned that the cut will create a climate of conflict with public workers.

Health Personnel Unions

"The climate of unrest is multiplying amongst doctors and this new decree ignites the fire in a group that has demonstrated its commitment to society,” said Enrique Lazaro, Simebal President. "The applause of residents during the State of Emergency has been converted into a penalising cut by the Government.”

Lazaro said he’s “outraged because comparative grievances continue to be maintained by the political class, which receives shameful privileges such as a 22,000 Residence Allowance supplement,” and vowed to challenge the measure in court.

The Nursing Union, SATSE, called for negotiations over labour issues and compensation for Health Professionals for the “tremendous effort" they made to care Covid-19 patients.

The Education Union, ANPE, said the measure creates a grievance because other Regional Officials have already received a 2 percent pay rise or will receive it in the near future.

No negotiation

All of the Unions claim that the Government announced the salary freeze without showing the slightest willingness to negotiate, did not even give them a proposal and said it is not a pay freeze, it is a pay cut.

Public Administrations Minister, Isabel Castro, defended the measure saying it has a double objective.

Civil Servants won't lose their labour rights,” she said and stressed that no one’s pay will be reduced, that it allows the Government to hire other workers to provide public services and pointed out that an extra 900 Healthcare Professionals have already been hired and 458 new teaching staff will be employed next year.

Minister Castro also claimed that two meetings had been held with the Unions, one before the pandemic and on Thursday when the measure was announced, but she refused to say whether the Government is willing to renegotiate the wage freeze.