Restaurants may be faced with the prospect of closing for good.


The restaurants association within the CAEB Confederation of Balearic Business Associations is forecasting a 30% permanent closure of Majorca's bars and restaurants because of the Covid-19 crisis.

On Tuesday, association representatives met the director-general of employment, Virginia Abraham, and the director of the Balearic health and safety institute, Rúben Castro, and called for there to be an extension of the ERTE furlough scheme until the end of December. Consideration, the association insisted, has to be given to "the subsistence of small business owners in order to maintain the employment of all their workers".

The association raised the issue of contracts for temporary and "fijo discontinuo" workers, something which is causing owners in the hospitality industry to have sleepless nights. "The maintenance of employment and the guarantee of employment for the six monthly payments is unsustainable for many small to medium-sized businesses." For this reason, the association argues, bars and restaurants could decide to close for good in September or October.


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Palmadave / Hace about 1 year

Comments contrary to laws, which are libellous, illegal or harmful to others are not permitted'); - reserves the right to remove any inappropriate comments. How did Tomeu manage to get his post published?


John Reeves / Hace about 1 year

Hi Kev. The problem Mallorca has is the lack of control over mass tourism. Attracting tourists who respect the country, spend well and return many times is good. Allowing the development of areas in places like Magaluf is not good tourism. The island has a fragile infrastructure and just ramming millions of people in is poor management. The government here should be ashamed . The other problem the island has is lack of investment in diverse industry to create more opportunity. It can be done - look at Singapore which had no economy until they focussed on the right sort of business. Again, poor government direction. All those tourist millions should have gone into business development grants. I fear for the future of this place.


Tomeu / Hace about 1 year

Undoubtedly your statements are not true, although it is true that your words show hatred. Of course we will continue to throw eggs and vomit to garbage like you. Let's see who is starving? Possibly you. Do not go back to Mallorca, you are totally expendable and irrelevant for us. Go home English rubbish


JonG / Hace about 1 year

For the Mallorcans that wanted us tourists OUT, well you got your wishes. 4 trips cancelled this year now. That’s a whole lot of tourist money saved. That money would have gone your way. Maybe some day you will have appreciated your losses and opened up your border safely to us Brits rather than still allowing infected Spanish people from the Mailnland to Mallorca. Thumbs up to Boris for quarantine... Aircraft from Barca into Palma spells infections and then back to the UK


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

The very small but very vocal anti-tourist mob have mysteriously disappeared Kev. It’s time everyone living on Mallorca got on the same page. Govt included. There’s a chance here to begin the road to a better tourism model. Quality, sustainable and far less pissed-up Brits and Germans being total tontos. Will the politicians seize this opportunity? Answers on the back of a stamp to: No-chance@they’


kev parker / Hace about 1 year

I wonder if the people are still throwing eggs and confetti at the holiday makers. Tourists are terrorists if I remember correctly.We used to holiday every year 3 or more times.Now we will go where we are appreciated. Not just the people, but also comments from your government. Hope you do not all starve.