Some positive Covid-19 patients not self-isolating. | Adriano Machado


Primary Care Centres in Majorca are complaining that some patients who have tested positive for coronavirus are not self-isolating.

“The population does not behave in a rational way. Many PCRs are done and there are people who are positive that continue to move around freely, according to José Manuel Valverde, Vice President of the Col·legi de Metges de Balears, COMIB. "When we call to give the results of the tests, the person who picks up the phone is often in the office or at the beach.”

Healthcare Representatives & Health Minister, Patricia Gómez.

The issue of self-isolation was discussed at a meeting between Representatives from Professional Associations related to Health Centres and Health Minister, Patricia Gómez on Thursday.

Minister Gómez said she is well aware that some people do not follow the quarantine requirements.

"I myself signed two arrest resolutions last week for positive people who were not at home," she said and pointed out that putting the health of others at risk can lead to serious penalties.

“Most people are responsible, but there are always some who do not comply,” says María José Sastre, from the Government's Covid Coordination Centre. “When we see that at the Centre, first we talk with the patient and explain that they are putting other people at risk, and if they don’t understand are reported to Public Health Surveillance.”

The Primary Care forum presented a document at the meeting which contains proposals to improve Outpatient Clinics by setting the agenda for each doctor, separating patients and streamlining the health circuit.


Under the new Primary Care System, the first point of contact for patients is a telephone consultation, but Outpatient Clinics are absolutely saturated.

“It is necessary for doctors and nurses to see their patients in an organised way,” said Healthcare Professionals who stressed the importance of investing in extra telephone lines.