Biel Company, PP. | Ultima Hora


Germany’s decision to add the Balearic Islands to its list of coronavirus risk zones means "the tourist season is over,” according to PP President in the Balearic Islands, Gabriel Company.

“The PP has presented initiatives throughout the pandemic, precisely to prevent this type of situation,” he claims. "The Government has not taken advantage of the insularity that could have helped us control the situation and make the Islands a truly safe destination.”

He demanded that mass tests be carried out, saying "the Government has had a mandate from Parliament to do so for three months and now that it's too late, they say they’ll do it. The PP has called for epidemiological checks at ports and airports and they’ve not been done either, in fact, there are no movement controls for domestic flights," he raged.

The PP is calling for more work to be done to establish safe corridors.

"We know it's not an easy situation to manage, but we've seen a total lack of Government initiative to address problems in the Tourism Sector in general," said Company, who accused the President of the Government, Francina Armengol of not thinking far enough ahead.

“After the propaganda of the Pilot Plan, which brought the first tourists to the Balearic Islands after the State of Emergency, it was clear that there was no plan for the season,” he said. “The Government needs to put machinery in motion to reverse this situation, but we are not optimistic because we've already seen the lack of success they’ve had with the quarantine imposed by the UK.”

Gabriel Company stressed that it will be the Hotel Sector, Businesses, Hospitality, Supply Companies and Sector workers that will suffer the consequences.