Carobs are prized because of an increase in price. | Gori Vicens

Concerned by recent theft of carobs in Majorca, the regional ministry of agriculture, the national government delegation and the Felib federation of town halls are to coordinate efforts to try and stamp this out.

A key measure is to be improved sales control. Any sale of carobs, be this by a cooperative or other entity, will need to have a sale authorisation form signed by owners of farms. The form's information will, for instance, identify where the carobs have originated from.

The Guardia Civil's countryside robbery unit will be inspecting cooperatives' premises and storage facilities and requesting proof of purchases. These inspections are to be intensified.

The theft of carobs has occurred in the past, but carobs have this year become particularly prized because of an increase in price. The Guardia Civil recently arrested a 34-year-old man who was caught transporting 300 kilos of stolen carob pods from a farm in Sant Llorenç. There is also an investigation into the sale of around a tonne of pods, which are believed to have been stolen by this individual. Three other people are suspected of having been involved in this theft.