New health checks for boat passengers & crew. | CAIB

New health checks have been introduced for all passengers and crew arriving at port facilities and anchoring buoys.

Anyone coming from outside Spanish territory who requests a mooring or permission to anchor must now complete a health form with details of all passengers and crew onboard.

It can either be completed electronically at or a paper version can be handed in at the port of destination along with a responsibility declaration which must be filled out by each member of the crew.

If a crew member or passenger onboard has a temperature higher than 37.5°C, or is suspected of having Covid-19 or any other transmissible pathology everyone will have to stay on the boat and be subjected to a health evaluation by Healthcare Professionals to determine their clinical and epidemiological status.

If the health evaluation confirms that someone onboard has symptoms or has had close contact with someone who’s Covid-19 positive, the usual health alert protocols will be activated.

The Port Authority and PortsIb will carry out health checks on International passengers arriving by sea.

This new measure makes it possible to obtain health records for everyone arriving at Balearic ports.