Finca, Montüiri, Majorca. | P. Pellicer

A second man who was subjected to gas poisoning in Montuïri has died.

Mateo Ribas Gallard and Mateo Rigo Ribas were cleaning a well and doing maintenance work at a finca near the Montuïri-Petra road on Saturday morning when the accident happened.

Firefighters, Local Police, Guardia Civil and 061 Emergency Services Personnel were deployed to the finca after the owner reported the emergency.

Mateo Rigo Ribas suffered a heart attack at the scene and medics were unable to save him. Mateo Ribas Gallard was rushed to Son Espases Hospital, but later died.

The two victims and the finca owner were reportedly related.

Experts say that if a large amount of heavy gases accumulate in the interiors of wells they can be deadly.

An investigation has been launched into the exact cause of the gas leak.