An average of 52% more expensive if there is a pool. | Porta-Mallorquina

According to the property website Idealista, apartments with swimming pools in the Balearics are on average 52.6% more expensive than those without pools.

At the national level, they are 46.2% more expensive. In Andalusia the difference is at its greatest - 84%. The Balearics rank fourth in this regard; Extremadura (65.3% more expensive) and Aragon (61.2%) are second and third. Behind the Balearics is Valencia (46.5%). In Cantabria, there is the least difference in price - only six per cent, while in Murcia it is 11.5% and in Madrid 13%.

Idealista reveals that Andalusia is the region with the highest percentage of properties on the market with pools (32.1%), followed by the Balearics (31.2%). Navarre has the lowest percentage (1.9%).

As for provincial capitals, 20.7% of apartments on the market in Palma have pools. The price premium for a pool in Palma is 57.7%.