National Police & Security Staff at Palma Intermodal Station.

National Police & Security Staff at Palma Intermodal Station.

30-08-2020Ultima Hora

An investigation has been launched in Palma after a mother allegedly assaulted a Security Guard.

The Head of Security reportedly noticed that a man and two girls were accessing the train platform with the same card and a woman was waiting for them to pass before entering herself.

The card is personal and non-transferable, so the Security Guard asked the man to show him the ticket and he allegedly replied saying, "you are not a Police Officer nor do you have the right to ask me for anything."

When the Security Team Chief arrived at the scene, the woman allegedly tried to sneak away to get tickets for the man and her daughters from the machine and pretend that she'd had them before, but was unaware that the site is monitored by cctv 24 hours a day.

The woman’s daughters reportedly started crying and their mother blamed the Security Officers for their distress.

When she allegedly put her face two centimetres away from the Security Guard’s, he reminded her that she must respect social distancing because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

She then allegedly scratched, slapped and kicked the Security Guard all over his body then jumped on the train with the man and her daughters, but in a matter of minutes, a National Police patrol arrived at the scene and started preparing a report.

Union Representatives are demanding that more personnel be deployed at the Intermodal Station.

“Every week there are problems and attacks and it’s important to expand the number of professional staff,” they said.

“At the bus station a single Security Guard covers 20,000 square meters and there are sometimes two simultaneous altercations, so we have to leave one uncovered, it's absurd, said Espartano Union Spokesperson and President, Sebastián Oliver.


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