Mallorca 312 cycling

The Mallorca 312 cycling event had been rearranged for October.


The Mallorca 312 cycling event, which had been rearranged for next month, has been cancelled.

The event, which attracts some 8,000 participants, many of them from overseas, was originally scheduled for April 26. It was postponed until October 10, and various health protocols were established. These included testing all participants.

Because of various countries' travel restrictions, the organisers had decided to make the October event one for residents of Majorca only. However, as the health situation in Majorca has not been evolving positively, the decision has been taken to call it off. "The growth in the number of cases and the new restrictions make it impossible to guarantee the safety of the participants, which has been our priority at all times."

The statement continues: "Taking the current circumstances into account, we understand and respect the decision of the Balearic government. However, we believe that there should be reflection on what happened. In June, we were in an optimal situation to work with safe air corridors and to implement the new-generation rapid testing that would have guaranteed safe entry into the islands."


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Andy / Hace about 1 year

Same with the Oct Palma marathon cancelled a few weeks ago on facebook ??? Not on the official website. One thing ive realised is that the Spanish really can't organise a pi$$ up in a brewery!! They really have ownership and leadership issues.


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

As a “regular” of this event I can tell you that the organisers of this event have made a dogs dinner of the whole saga. They offered deferral of entry to next year but not everyone realised that they will have to pay again! They have yet to inform those, like myself, who could and would have done this event of what they will offer. Their communication has been appalling. They have never said it was only for locals, some brave Brits and Germans were still coming over for it. Don’t know where that nugget came from. But they did remove the 312 distance from the event and told none of the participants. It came out via an interview with your mates at Ultima Hora. Quite frankly they are a shambles and now with a lot of people’s cash in their pockets.


Dave / Hace about 1 year

Fair point, the gov't let people from mainland Spain from infested places like Madrid and Barcelona pile in here unchecked. Meanwhile foreigners were treated like illegal immigrants. Mallorca lost control and the Gov't was 100% to blame. Shame on them.