'Souvenir' poster. | Tià Rigo


Tourism and corruption in Majorca are the subjects of a new play based on postcards.

‘Souvienir’ is co-produced by the Teatre Principal in Palma and stars Bel Albertí, Biel Morro, Vicente Villó and Mar Fiol. It was co-written by Miquel Mas Fiol and Director, Joan Fullana.

"Since we started rehearsals, we have received the support of the Santa Maria Auditorium, Teatre del Mar and the Municipal Theatres in Calvia," says Actor, Vicente Villó.

‘Souvenir’ is described as a montage with three thematic lines: Tourism, Corruption and Identity. It's composed of more than 30 scenes that reflect the toxicity of the Majorcan economy.

"Whoever comes to see Souvenir will find a scathing and critical portrait of our destructive economic model and how it conditions our way of being," said the team.

"The text has a clear function, which is to give the postcards one more reading, narrating stories and experiences that connect with the audience from a certain textual distance,” added Miquel Mas Fiol. "I wanted to achieve a coolness, so that people realise that we are resigned to this outdated and bankrupt system.”

‘Souvenir’ opens on October 4 at the Auditorium in Peguera.