Moria Refugee Camp in Lesbos after the fire. | Reuters/Alkis Konstantinidis


The Balearic government says it would be willing to take in refugees from the Moria Camp on the Greek Island of Lesbos, which burned to the ground last week leaving more than 12,000 people without shelter.

A new temporary camp has been set up nearby, but many of the migrants are still sleeping in the streets and nearby fields.

Hundreds of Moria Camp refugees are sleeping in the streets.

The Moria camp was quarantined after a Somali migrant tested positive for coronavirus last week and since then a total of 35 cases have been confirmed. All of the refugees are being tested for the virus.

Tensions rose on Saturday when some migrants staged a protest on the road to Mytilene Port and Police fired teargas into the crowd.

The Greek Authorities have called on European countries to take some of the refugees.

It will be up to the Central Government to decide whether Spain will open its doors to the migrants and if any will be transferred to the Balearic Islands.