Health minister Patricia Gómez speaking in parliament. | @Patgompic


In parliament, Balearic health minister Patricia Gómez defended government measures to avoid coronavirus infections, highlighting the fact that the Balearics was the first region to close large nightclubs and is the only region to have prohibited smoking in public spaces.

She added that the Balearics was the third region to make the wearing of masks mandatory and was the first to impose restrictions specific to certain streets, e.g. Punta Ballena in Magalluf. "Many measures are not easy, but governing means making decisions, and we have done so throughout the summer months."

Tania Marí of the Partido Popular called on the minister to assume responsibilities "for the lack of health control in the Balearics". She argued that the government has been "incapable" of managing the Covid-19 crisis.

Regarding waiting lists for operations and consultations, Juanma Gómez of Ciudadanos asked about urgent measures to provide solutions to patients with health problems. Gómez said that although the priority is the fight against the pandemic, the waiting lists have "always been an objective for the government".

"Behind each person there is a health problem which has to be solved, we are very aware of this," the minister stated, adding that waiting lists for consultations decreased by 8,000 people in July.