President Francina Armengol. | Efe


In parliament on Tuesday, the leader of Vox, Jorge Campos, described the political and economic management of President Armengol as "vomit-inducing", which was how Armengol had described a speech by Sergio Rodríguez of Vox in parliament last week

Campos attacked the president for the confinement measures adopted in Palma and Ibiza, "a useless measure that also reflects her cynicism because this is the very same thing they (PSOE) are criticising in Madrid". Armengol, he suggested, should hang her head in shame for ruining workers' jobs while at the same time "maintaining 209 senior positions which cost more than twelve million euros" and allowing the Balearics to have been turned into "the route for illegal immigration".

The president replied by saying that Campos's remarks contributed nothing and appealed only to "the guts". She suggested that he finds out more about how the government operates, as he does "very little for the citizens of the islands".

Speaking generally, Armengol pointed to the recruitment of 900 health workers, to the increase in the number of tracers, and to the purchase of necessary medical supplies. As for workers, she said that the government is protecting them and cited the ERTE scheme as an example. The government is continuing to press for an ERTE extension, with 582 million euros having been forwarded from Madrid to pay for ERTE.

Faced with criticism from the leader of the Partido Popular, Biel Company, Armengol noted that when the PP were confronted by the financial crisis, they adopted a policy of layoffs.