Ocimax, Palma.

Ocimax, Palma.

22-09-2020Ultima Hora

The Association of Balearic Film Companies has asked the Ministry of Health to establish "proportional" measures that do not endanger the viability of theatres."

The Association says the ban on eating and drinking in theatres is "disproportionate" and the Spanish Film Federation, or FECE has fired off a letter to Health Minister, Patricia Gómez.

“Maintaining this prohibition will have a huge effect on cinemas which have already been hit very hard by the coronavirus pandemic. The limits imposed on catering and hospitality put both the viability and survival of cinemas at risk at a critical time because of the capacity restrictions and lack of major film premieres,” the letter states.

The Federation also argues that film attendance is the first option, in quantitative terms, for cultural leisure away from home in the Balearic Islands and highlights its "fundamental" contribution to the local economy and employment "by boosting consumption in other Sectors such as restaurants and shopping malls."

The FECE has asked Minister Gómez to rectify the ban on eating and drinking in cinemas, or at least seek a balance with "rational and proportionate" measures, both from a health and economic point of view.


The Association of Film Companies stressed that cinemas are "a safe place” and that health and safety measures were implemented from the minute they reopened, including the promotion of online ticket purchases, contactless payments at the box office and informative posters stating health measures and social distancing requirements on the premises.

It also insists that the consumption of food and drinks in the cinema is "fully safe”, that capacity will not exceed 50% and that customers will be 1.5 metres apart.

A study by the Simon-Kucher Consultancy found that 90% of spectators who went to the cinema in the Balearic Islands this summer were "highly satisfied" with the new safety and hygiene measures implemented in movie theatres.


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