Fire in Albufera.


A serious fire broke out in the area of Albufera in Playa de Muro on Friday evening.

Ibanat, the environment ministry agency, tweeted at 19.50 that there was a Level 1 risk. The fire was in the vicinity of the Muro-Can Picafort road but then spread. Some residents were evacuated.

The winds were very high in the area, and flames were clearly visible from Puerto Alcudia.

The fire was initially declared at 18.12, when a water-bomber helicopter was deployed. When darkness fell, this support couldn't be used.

Fires are not uncommon in Albufera. Dealing with them is not usually problematic; the damage is typically minor and the risk minimal, but the wind has made fighting this one that much more difficult. This particular fire, it is understood, resulted from what has been referred to as "clearing work".

21.30 update: The fire, while it was still visible from a distance, was not as fierce as it was, but it continued to flare up because of the wind.

22.00 update: Ibanat tweeted a risk upgrade to Level 2. However, this status may have been procedural in requiring more assistance in quelling the fire rather than indicating that there was increased risk to property.

23.45 update: Smoke continued to billow, lit against the night sky by flames that were now less evident when viewed from a distance.

08.00 Saturday: Plumes of smoke still coming from two distinct locations. But the wind has died down.

10.00: Risk downgraded to Level 1.

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Stan / Hace about 1 year

LISA. Your comment that winds were fearsome . Answers why the fire helicopter could not take off !!!!


Lisa / Hace about 1 year

Local residents say it took at least an hour for the the fire helicopter to be deployed. Not sure why there was a delay. It is wet - but the winds are fearsome. An amazing area and just hoping the land, animals and local homes - including my brother - will all be okay. Thinking of you chaps ..,