The Muro pumpkin competition. | M. C.

The Muro fair in November is dedicated to the pumpkin, and a highlight of the fair is the pumpkin competition.

The fair will probably not be taking place, but the town hall didn't want to cancel the competition, while producers asked for it to be brought forward. It was held on Saturday behind closed doors at the municipal warehouse. It would normally be in the square in front of the town hall building.

Twenty-six pumpkins were entered. Nineteen of these were indigenous varieties, which don't grow to the size of the non-native giants. Miquel Cloquell was the winning producer with a pumpkin weighing 526.6 kilos. Josep Ferriol was second with a pumpkin of 508.2 kilos. For the indigenous varieties, Baltasar Cloquell scooped first prize for his pumpkin weighing 42.25 kilos.