Balearic environment minister, Miquel Mir, who was at the scene on Saturday.

The Balearic environment ministry has yet to give its assessment of the cause of the Albufera fire, but indications point to it having been deliberate.

With rain having doused the fire, the final calculation of the area that was affected is now put at 438 hectares, more than a fifth of the nature park.

Three properties were gutted, and one resident of the Cami S'Amarador lost his entire pumpkin plantation and 30 chickens that were in a pen. Paco Escobar, another resident, was able to save his geese, ducks and chickens. He let them loose, and they escaped the flames. Olive and orange trees were destroyed.

He has known previous fires in Albufera, and he has no doubt that the one which started on Friday evening was deliberate. "There were too many different sources."