Businesses of all kinds in Calvia's resorts are enduring a very tough time. | Efe

Calvia town hall is due to present an emergency plan for business on Tuesday. Designed to encourage consumer purchasing and a general reactivation of the municipality's retail trade, the president of the Acotur association for tourist service businesses, Pepe Tirado, says that it is needed for a sector that is enduring "terrible and catastrophic times".

The town hall intends launching the plan immediately. It will place particular emphasis on online selling by opening this up to all businesses in Calvia; there are many which don't have this facility. The aim of this will be to present the municipality's entire commercial offer to consumers, while the town hall will be introducing a system of vouchers to encourage spending by residents.

Businesses can delay the payment of 50% of their rates until 2021. The rubbish tax is to be recalculated, and this will mean a reduction of up to fifty per cent

Earlier this year, the town hall, like others in Majorca, took a decision on the tax for occupancy of the public way - which mainly means the terrace tax. This was in the form of refunding the amounts that had been paid for the whole of 2020.