Court ordered store to pay compensation for fall. | Ultima Hora

A hypermarket in Palma has been ordered to pay 155,000 euros in compensation to a 57-year-old woman who was seriously injured in a fall in October 2016.

The victim was walking on the pavement in Carrer del General Riera when she collided with another pedestrian and fell 1.5 metres into the Carrefour car park.

The magistrate ruled that the company was at fault for not installing a railing to prevent people from falling.

The victim was seriously injured during the accident and spent six days in Intensive Care. The brain damage she suffered caused a series of sequelae that prevent her from leading her life the way she did before the accident. She also suffers from memory loss, has difficulty concentrating, lacks smell and taste and had to change her job and duties in order to continue working.

Carrefour has denied responsibility for the accident and is reportedly considering launching an appeal against the sentence.


In addition to compensation for the period the victim was hospitalised and the consequences she suffered, the sentence also includes moral damages due to the disorder in quality of life caused by the fall.

The ruling states that the general plan of Palma establishes the obligation to protect different levels of height on public roads against the risk of falls and ruled out the application of construction regulations after the Shopping Centre was built.