Test analysis in a laboratory.

Ninety new positive cases and one more fatality were reported on Wednesday. There have been 317 deaths in the Balearics as a result of the pandemic.

The new cases were based on 2,479 tests, giving a positive test rate of 3.63%.

On hospital wards, there are 169 patients in Majorca, 36 in Ibiza and three in Minorca. The total of 208 is eleven fewer than on Tuesday. There is one more patient in intensive care in Majorca, making a total of 41, while in Ibiza there is just the one ICU patient.

The health service in the Balearics is currently attending, in all, to 3,202 people. This figure is down from 3,394 on Monday.

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In care homes, 114 residents and 63 workers are currently active coronavirus cases. Ninety-seven residents are in hospital.